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EDM Zone

A successful new brand for this high precision engineering company providing custom parts to a variety of sectors.

EDM Zone logo

With a reputation that had much bigger international engineering firms coming to them to tackle difficult-to-make parts, EDM Zone were a company set up to succeed.

Unfortunately, all of those difficult-to-make parts were highly confidential and always white labeled. This meant that they had very little to show potential clients and were running way below capacity on their most lucrative machines.

We were challenged to create a new brand that would allow them to get their foot in the door in key industries. We did this by looking at the future of engineering; new materials, products and processes, as well as the Motorsport industry; a highly competitive arena where quality, precision and durability are key.

As well as a new brand identity, we created a new website and a range of printed marketing materials for exhibitions, trade shows and face-to-face meetings.

EDM Zone brochure - design for print
edm zone logo rollout
EDM Zone responsive website design
EDM Zone letterhead - design for print
edm zone website design

EDM Zone


Newcastle, UK


Visual Identity Design
Brand Guidelines
Website Design & Build
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