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On-brand decks and keynotes designed to assist, communicate and engage with your audience.

Mobicast pitch deck slide 2


A series of investor pitch decks simple enough to be presented in person, but also contain enough information to be left with the audience. We solved this problem with strong photography, icon design, lots of space between elements and good use of text formatting.

Loft Orbital pitch deck

Loft Orbital

Loft Orbital leases space on satellites for any organisation to collect information about the Earth, from space. They recently raised $3.2 million in their seed funding round. Read about it here.

Powerpoint deck slide examples - guestwiser


A presentation was needed by this client to convey very complex information simply and clearly to the audience; getting them to invest in the product and the company. We delivered this by simplifying information, reducing the amount of content and creating new infographics and assets.

Powerpoint deck slide examples - tech


This tech sector client had the bare bones of a deck, which would be sent out to potential investors, but needed it to carry more weight. We solved this problem by auditing their existing slides and making changes to the content and structure. This meant there was a single narrative running through the entire deck, with easy take-aways at key points throughout. We delivered this narrative by expanding on the existing brand with new typefaces, colours and creating a series of new icons, infographics and data visualisations.

Pitch Deck example 1 - digital sector
Pitch Deck example 2 - digital sector


This company had a big pitch coming up and knew that they needed a revamped deck to give them confidence going in. We delivered this with an easy-to-follow structure and modern graphics to help convey information quickly whilst presenting. We also created master templates to help maintain fonts, colours and placement of titles and used the rule of thirds where possible to create visual harmony and better balance. This helps audiences process information better – making it more likely that they’ll remember your pitch.

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